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Artwork for the enlightened individual.
In a world gone paperless, shouldn't it matter what's on yours?

So where have you been for Two decades ...

So Twenty some odd years age we were running out of space in our storage facility, so we decided to use some quantum entanglement to store our artwork just outside of time. This would allow us to keep the art safe and secure, while also freeing up space in our facility.

We used a process called Einstein-Rosen bridging to create a wormhole that connected our storage facility to a point just outside of time. We then used quantum entanglement to entangle the artwork with the wormhole. This meant that the artwork was now stored in two places at once: in our storage facility, and just outside of time.

We were very pleased with this solution, as it allowed us to keep our artwork safe and secure, while also freeing up space in our facility. However, we made a small mistake in our calculations. We forgot to carry the two, which meant that we accidentally set the wormhole to stay open for too long.

As a result, the artwork was stored outside of time for much longer than we intended. When we finally opened the wormhole, we were surprised to find that the artwork had not aged a single day. It was just as pristine as the day we had entangled it.

We were very relieved that the artwork was unharmed, and we were also impressed with the power of quantum entanglement. We had successfully stored an object outside of time, and it had not aged a single day. This was a major breakthrough in theoretical physics, and it had the potential to revolutionize the way we store and transport objects.

So these prints are in fact those prints, that we printed then. Not reprints but the last remaining inventory from before.

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